Personal Training

What are the benefits of working with a Personal Trainer?


The fact that you have come through to this page means you are probably thinking about the benefits of a Personal Trainer. But what do you think you need help with? Improving your fitness levels; rehabilitation after an illness or operation; losing a few pounds; improving your general health; or even training for a marathon?

A Personal Trainer can bring about dramatic changes to your lifestyle and therefore to your wellbeing. The benefit of personal training with an experienced and qualified instructor is that he/she will assess your current level of fitness consider your goals; and then devise an individually tailored regime to help you achieve those goals quickly and safely.

Whatever your reasons the most important thing is to find a trainer to help you get what you want from your time with them. A good instructor will motivate and encourage you, and a good programme will be both fun and challenging.

As you will be working together closely you should feel at ease with your Trainer. Each of our qualified Trainers here at Route 2 Fitness will have a different style, so come and talk to us, discuss your needs and wishes and the way they propose to train you.

Personal Training Packages

All of our personal training packages are fully flexible allowing you to use them over any time period and because they are sold in time packages you can choose to train 30 or 60 minute sessions.• First Timers’ ‘Taster’ Sessions
These sessions are specially structured to enable you to experience working with a Personal Trainer for the first time $50 for consultation, assessment and 3 half hour sessions.

• Motivation Session
Ideal if now and again you need a little extra motivation, inspiration or just a little push!
$32 per hour
$16.00 per half hour
$150 5 hour bundle

• Commitment Package
If you are committed to achieving your long term fitness goals, taking a 10 hour package will give you the time to see progression and form lifestyle- changing habits.
$275 10 hour bundle

Lifestyle Coach
Fully qualified in-house nutritional advisor. Ask for details of available services and pricing.

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Once you have decided on which trainer you’d like to see they will take you through an introduction and evaluation, if you are unsure about anything, question them – please do not be afraid to ask them anything – they are used to it.


But most importantly, remember to enjoy yourself and work hard!


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