The Lumislim non-invasive lipo technique offers you a way to lose weight, achieve targeted inch loss and contour your body shape with no pain, no needles and no down time. 

This type of treatment has been available for some years now through private clinics and beauty salons. However the non-surgical nature of the treatment means that it can also be performed by fully trained practitioners at your gym in conjunction with Personal Training, exercise and nutritional programmes to maximise results. Whilst a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise will keep your body fat down, it can be a long process to see bigger changes to your body shape, particularly in those stubborn areas where fat deposits have built up. Frustratingly though for the committed exerciser, it’s impossible to target the areas for your fat burning exercise. Using the Lumislim lasers to trigger the release of energy from the fat cells you can go straight in to fat burning mode, using fat specifically from the treated areas. Results are seen immediately and after a course of just 8 sessions you can achieve dramatic results. A course of Lumislim treatments combined with Personal Training will reduce body fat and increase muscle tone and definition leading to a slimmer figure and overall improvement in health. With the potential to kick start your exercise regime and lose up to 8 inches in 4 weeks, you will look and feel great and be motivated to continue your new healthy lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating.



Lumislim liposculpture is an easy and safe way to perform non-surgical fat removal. The cold lasers are passed over the area of the body that you want the fat removed. The lasers liquefy the fat and breakdown the fat cells  allowing the fat to pass back in to the bloodstream to be processed by the liver or used as energy. Best results are achieved with a low fat, high fibre diet and exercise following immediately after treatment. A good workout after treatment will ensure the broken down fat isused as energy and not laid down again in the body.





Your Personal Trainer will take you through a personalised programme of fat burning exercise to suit your level of fitness. It will involve cardiovascular and strength exercises. Laser treatment releases the equivalent of approximately 500 calories so your exercise programme will be designed to burn off the released fat quickly for immediate results. Fat burning can continue for up to 48 hours post exercise. With normal exercise on its own it can take 20 minutes before you begin to burn fat. With our approach using laser treatment you begin to burn fat straight away so you will maximise the benefits of your 60 minute personal training session.



What results can you expect?
An average reduction of 1-3cm can be seen after each treatment. On average you achieve a 15% reduction in circumference of the area treated.
What areas can be treated?
Almost any area of the body can be treated, including stomach, bottom, thighs, male chest area, double chin, back (love handles) and under arms (bingo wings).
Is laser treatment safe?
The laser is a low level cold laser and is therefore safe and painless. Clinical studies show no side effects or discomfort from treatment.
Can the weight be put back on?
Yes, if you continue to consume more calories than your body requires the excess will again be laid down as fat. However as the excess fat cells in the treated areas will have been destroyed, weight gain will be spread more evenly.



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