Rupert Jenkins


Club Owner


  • Premier Training Diploma in Advanced Exercise & Nutrition, Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy
  • Certified Practitioner in Cold Laser Lipo-Sculpture
  • Boxercise Licensed Instructor
  • Keiser Spin Instructor Certificate


Rupert Says; “I’ve been a Personal Trainer since 1999. I joined Route2 in 2007 and have loved every minute of it. I am a specialist trainer in free weights and injury rehabilitation. I love the dual aspect of my job as I tend to work with opposing ends of the spectrum from post injury/operation/child birth clients all the way to world champion powerlifters, every client is unique and often gives me new challenges but that’s what makes me tick. I also do sports and deep tissue massage which while not always the most relaxing form of massage for the client, gives excellent results in both the short and long term. My personal passion is powerlifting and with the support of Route2 after several years very hard training has resulted in my becoming triple world champion at the 2012 World Powerlifting Federation world championships held in Aldershot. I’ve also been told I take a unique style of spin class! I’m still trying to work out if this a compliment or not. “

Rupert Loves: Heavy weights and squatting

Rupert Hates: Running